The combatatives needs of the modern warfighter are very different from civilian or LEO training, or the training of previous generations. A warrior may be called to many mission roles, ranging from subduing nonthreatening personnel, all the way to lethal action. Modern Pankration Systems military applications provide a combatant maximum efficiency, even when armed and armored.


Law Enforcement needs are ever changing, and officer must take steps to both keep themselves safe, and to be prepared to use multiple levels of force as is appropriate for the situations they encounter. Modern Pankration Systems helps LEOs to have a versatile toolbox of force options with a solid throttle to keep themselves safe while using as little force as necessary.


Modern Pankration Systems is a superb fighting style for civilians interested in either Self-Defense or competitive combat sports. It will help you whether you want to increase your survivability in a violent encounter where you have to protect yourself, and was the precursor to modern Mixed Martial arts, combining striking, grappling, and groundfighting since the late 1960s.

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