A modernized, scientific reinterpretation of the martial system of the Greeks and Romans, from which all western fighting styles descend, Modern Pankration Systems provide military personnel with combat functional expertise, Law Enforcement officers with force options, and civilians with self-defense and competitive advantages.

We believe in a threefold philosophy of training in the martial sciences: be realistic, keep it fun, and work hard. 

Train realistic techniques in a realistic way. A fighting system that doesn't work in a fight is just a dance, and a fighter who doesn't fight, isn't - you must test your techniques in as realistic a way as possible without getting hurt. 

Keep it fun. You also have to enjoy what you do; if you hate something, you won't stick to it - then you gain nothing. Don't get us wrong, though... Fun doesn't mean easy. Sometimes you have to laugh through the pain.

Which bring is to the simple fact you have to work hard. If a martial arts instructor ever tells you he has a secret where you can become good without hard work, he's just selling classes. That's not Modern Pankration Systems.



I'm a Martial Arts instructor with years of experience spanning multiple arts including, but not limited to: Pankration, FMA, Boxing, BJJ, and Wrestling. I'm a US Army combat veteran who served in the 101st Airborne division as an Infantryman.

Las Vegas, NV 89104 E-mail: modernpankration@gmail.com

Proudly Veteran Owned & Operated

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